--- Activity ---


We collect the cotton from the farmers directly; we have highest experience and control very prepared group for

    1. collect the cotton from the farmers directly only the highest grade and transport to the ginner
    2. we have highly experience and control in the ginning operation start with stuffing according to the highest grades
    3. during the ginning operation we hire a lot of labors  to collect the seeds and the cotton trash we have  control and adjust in order to keep cotton in highest specification during ginning

We pressing inside the ginner to avoid any pollution, we pres in jute/ cotton bagging

    • our branches work in
    • w export our cotton to the biggest spinning and traders in world wide


    Our company import raw cotton from Greece, Uzbekistan and Sudan, we have the lead to cover our local market needs for the middling and short stable cotton 


    - Export all the agricultural products (onion, potatoes, white beans and etc,) to Europe
    As we planning to establish a company in Europe with our European partners

      1. we intend to establish  a cotton seeds  mangling  and use our largest quantity of seed
      2. we study import the agricultural equipments and distribute it in our local market